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Unlike many high school students, I always loved math class. I loved the critical and logical thinking, the black and white of it. The daughter of an actuary, it seemed natural to find a career where I put those strengths of mine to use, however, around the same time, I found a love for the cello, and I found myself on my way to Berklee College of Music, and soon after, joining a band called Joy Kills Sorrow.

Music saw me travel all around the world, across Canada, all 50 states, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland, Holland, New Zealand and more. After 6 years touring full-time, I decided it was time for a change, and I started working at a tech startup, Concert Window, in New York as their Artist Relations Manager. During my time there, we graduated from Techstars NYC. I developed key initiatives to grow sales and helped double revenue. It was at Concert Window and Techstars that I grew interested in software development and saw a way back into the environment I’d grown up loving.

I’m currently in my second semester as an apprentice at Nashville Software School. Never before have I enjoyed learning as much as I do now. Software development is a place where I thrive, excited about new technologies and ever-searching for ways to write better code. In my first semester, I won the
award for top developer in my class.

I love working in teams and tackling complex problems. Detailed planning and time-management gets me psyched. I’m excited to find my dream job working in a creative, fast-paced environment with like-minded, fun-but-focussed individuals.


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